Visioning a future of the transport system for southwest the Hague

The southwest area of The Hague is expected to undergo significant development in the coming years. With this change, the local transport problems, such as congestion and lack of accessibility, may worsen. New mobility services, such as carsharing and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), have the potential to address these challenges but what would a future transport system for the area look like with these services? And would these solutions match the preferences of the residents and stakeholders of the area? On the Move research team is working with the Hague municipality’s planning team to address these challenges. Together, we are designing a process to formulate visions of the mobility system for the area.

An inclusive process by design

The process is inclusive by design, involving the local citizens and stakeholders in the process. The research team will design and carry out a participatory process that brings together related stakeholders (such as transport providers, housing developers, representatives of the residents, and planning offices) to explore and co-create possible mobility futures of the area. Moreover, the process will also examine the potential pathways to achieve these futures and how these pathways can be adaptive and futureproofed.

Public information & preference gathering

As the first step of this process, representatives from the municipality (Lilian Oskamp and Monique van der Meijden) and the research team (Dr Peraphan Jittrapirom, Jaap van de Waerden, and Karoline Führer) carried out a two-day public survey on the residents’ current mobility challenges, dream for the future, and preferences toward new mobility services (e.g. shared mobility and self-driving vehicle). The outputs of this exercise will be incorporated into the visioning process that will take place in September and October 2021.

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